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Tickmarks and Adobe PDF's

Our team made a decision a few years back to not use TeamImage for PDF's. As a result we originally struggled with electronically tickmarking pdf's effectively and consistently across our audit team. What we did as a result was that we created an image for each tickmark in EWP and added it as a stamp in Adobe Acrobat. Then i saved my configuration in Adobe and shared that file to the rest of the team. All they had to do was place that configuration file in the C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0\Stamps folder and they now had a list of stamps (tickmarks) available for documenting their testing in the pdf. This made for more consistent approaches to documenting pdfs and allowed us to match our EWP tickmarks with those in Adobe. You can also provide a desciption with the stamp to define the tickmark in Adobe. This way when the reviewer points their cursor at the tickmark it explains its meaning.




Very simply, an example would be for you to create an image of a check mark that looks the same as the check mark tickmark in EWP. One user on your team would add that image as a stamp in Adobe Acrobat. After entering that check mark stamp to Acrobat that user would share their configuration file for Acrobat with the team and they would insert the file into the location I noted above. Now whenever they open a pdf they have the option to select the checkmark as a stamp. If you get creative you can add "dynamic stamps" which when selected from the list of stamps in the pdf menu the user be prompted to enter information into a text box and then it will insert that text into the selected spot in the document. For instance, if you select the stamp "Purpose" a prompt asking you to define the documents purpose will show up and when you click okay it will enter your purpose description into the pdf.


I would be happy to share details of how this works should you have furhter questions.



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